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Cor-tastrophe! by Justin1029



Corviknight runs a tight ship, but a tighter school! He always made sure to patrol the halls of the University to ensure everyone was in check and behaving themselves. For adults, that wasn't too hard. As such, the Corviknight simply made his presence as governor known, so people felt like there was reason to believe he had at least some involvement in the university and how it ran. Being responsible for a lot of things here, the upkeep of the great building's facilities was one of them. As luck had it, when turning into the Pasteur Institute (the lab wing of the main building), he spotted a group of pests.

Who needs exterminators, when you have big feet? One couldn't agree more. Well, some certainly couldn't agree at all! As while the huge bird was simply going to continue walking forward, steamrolling the pests into oblivion, the pests would object. Maybe, because with a cautious eye, you might see, these weren't pests! But they in fact, were lab students. Maybe trying to get the governor's attention to show him the Shrinking serum wasn't so smart.. especially when the gust of his presence swoops one of the group from the high ground into his maw!

With a thud and a simple gulp, we no longer had a great discovery, just a happy ending to a pest problem. Walking off proud, the Governor had but only the noises of his working belly to suggest what he had done. To him and the cleaning crew that swept up the dust specks, that is all they were. Dusty pests!

A pretty good 3D comic featuring my anthro Corviknight self! He did pretty well with the posing, so I was glad this came out well!

Made by tristanchap
Anthro Corviknight is of me~
Full size: or
Original submission (plus model credits):

Anthro Corviknight credits:
Model made by hadu123
Base by UchihaDEMS
Head from The Models Resource
Feet from togepi1125's Falco model