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No, Veenox 7 aliens are never full... by Justin1029

No, Veenox 7 aliens are never full...


If you're wondering what happened before this, the last thing humans saw was my large maw here:
Basically, some humans came around to be eaten. Or you could imagine who's in my stomach. And now, I'll explain what's going on.


Okay, I'll explain what's going on, now that I'm outside, lying on the ground, talking to you.


Ugh, I hate when I had to deal with so many humans, as my belly inflated a lot, but it's nothing for me. Besides, with my Veenox 7 stomach, I can eat two times more humans without any problem.

But, I guess I already got too fat for moving to eat more humans for a moment. And now, as we can see from my squirming stomach, I guess it'll be quite a while to digest these humans~


Anyway, come and have some fun with my giant stomach while you're here. Oh, and one more thing to give to you...


Ahh, much better now to give you that smell of digested humans now, didn't it? :3
Anyway, enjoy your time~

Art by LeonHeart54115 as a Big Belly Colored Shaded Sketch commission! He does it so well, so check out his commission sheet here:
Veenox 7 alien form is of me

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