small horse: friends are good by junius

small horse: friends are good


28 January 2016 at 09:51:03 MST

(forgot to crosspost this from FA earlier so I'm doing it late now, haha)
idk i drew a small horse

been rewatching MLP:FiM a bunch lately. it's cute, even if my experiences with the fandom have been a mixed bag, i can still enjoy the show! and i like making OCs for things generally.

his name is Vetiver and he's a plant-potion unicorn i guess? basically his special talent is creating potions/magical extracts from plants. He mixes them into soaps, candles, medical ointments, bath products, you name it, and sells them in his shop in Ponyville. He's originally from Fillydelphia but decided to strike out on his own and find someplace he could afford to set up shop- the big city can be a tough place to make a living.

He came from a family of plant-based magicians and always thought he was a failure because he was the only one in his family who couldn't use his magic to make plants grow. He found his talent in making magical mixtures from plants, but he's still at the mercy of plain old non-magical gardening to grow them. i'm still working on his actual cutie mark story.

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