stop eating my friends (t shirt) by Jive

stop eating my friends (t shirt)


4 October 2014 at 03:53:16 MDT

finally got around to adding words to the design I did for society6
design in my store

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    Wow, this design is really cute!!
    I had to add it to my wishlist so that I remember to buy it when I get money c:

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      oh gosh, I'm glad you like it enough to get it on a shirt! I was iffy on the letters, but it seems to have worked out well.
      Thank you very much!

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    I LOVE THIS and I want one!! Gonna save my pennies

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      you're the reason I got the motivation to finish this one, actually, so thank you for posting your own design! actually, i have plans for a angry cartoon cow saying something like "eat a fucking veggie burger" or "drink some fucking almond milk." and some tuna based ones. so that should be happening soon!
      thank you again! I'm so happy it turned out well.

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        Yeah! Those sound great! I'm really glad you added the banner, the colour really frames it nicely and goes with the lines of the pig.

        I really like the almond milk one since it's my favourite. Maybe even, "eat tofu, not me!"

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    Ok, seriously, I need this shirt.

    VEGAN POWER, unite!