Ghost by Jiroga



27 September 2018 at 20:44:55 MDT

"I died.

I woke up somewhere eternally gray; some kind of white noise filled the sky and there was nothing around me. Complete gray emptiness, accompanied by the feeling of loneliness. I didn't know what the place was... was this really afterlife? The heaven people preached about? Did I do some wrongdoing in my life and got sent to hell? No, this can't be hell. This is worse. There's no one here to torture me, no one here to mock me or anything. This is... just nothing.

Getting up and stumbling around the jagged fields, I came across some kind of glass chrysalis and some kind of decaying... corpse? Soul? I suppose it would be soul, since there was no real gore to see, but it had some kind of fracture on the head. Something urged me to grab the chrysalis, to keep it. So I did.

I decided to bury the poor creature; it already died twice, and deserves a proper burial. The chrysalis began to lit up as the decaying essence made contact with me, and flashed brightly. Before I knew it, both the chrysalis and the shattered soul were gone, but I felt myself change.

I examined myself and I did not recognize my body. As a matter of fact, I couldn't recognize or remember anything of myself before I had died, or even before the transformation. I became some kind of chimera.

I felt my essence drifting out of me. I could feel it flapping in the nothingness. But.. it wasn't decaying. No, I didn't feel myself weak nor empty. It was simply there, exposed. I continued to feel through, and half of my face was gone. It's okay, not like anyone would see me, and not like I cared in the first place.

I suppose I should continue to look around to see where I really am, and what am I."

"Ghost" is a WIP mini-serie focusing on the events of a lost soul who has forgotten everything about themselves, and their resolve to find who they are and why they got there. Hopefully it will be updated regularly!

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