CyberCat/Rallonx Commission Gift by Jibade (critique requested)

CyberCat/Rallonx Commission Gift (critique requested)


26 February 2015 at 04:11:24 MST

Gift for sangie.

Thought I uploaded this, but, guess not.
Anyway, a while back there was this auction
cybercat was holding in her journal,
and I won, though I generously gave sangie
the slot as I had paid for it.

I'm told I'm too nice, but some furries should learn
from others of the good people do.

Whatever happened to that?

But, never the less, this is what sangie wanted,
and I'm rather actually surprised from the results.
Oh, and ralloonx had did the colors/shade if
I'm not mistaken as cybercat just did the sketch.

So, this was sort of like a collaboration between them both.

sangie & I, Jibade © as ourselves.
cybercat & ralloonx collab © to the respective artists.

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    I hope you know this still means a lot to me. I'm sorry I've been so busy lately.

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      Ha, it's fine! Trust me, I'm going through a lot myself. Just have to fight it a little
      bit at a time. No need to stress though, but I am glad you hold dear to this.

      Appreciate the comments as always though, it at least makes my day.