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Bloodbeak MacArthur by JenKiwi

Bloodbeak MacArthur


9 May 2014 at 16:14:11 MDT

Bloodbeak MacArthur, an MLP:FiM gryphon barkeep (and grizzled veteran pirate captain).

Haven't varnished this yet as I'm waiting on feedback from the commissioner re:colors and accessories, but I wanted to share the work-in-progress. Tried some new painting techniques on this piece to get the mottling on the feathers, salt-and-pepper hair, and grunge up the metal a bit.

Also, getting him balanced was an adventure, because MLP gryphons are top-heavy critters, especially with their wings flared. Wound up reinforcing his legs and tail with metal pins, and using them as a tripod. The result is very stable, which makes me happy.

Bloodbeak is (c) Paladinwolf