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Spiky Winged Death by JenKiwi

Spiky Winged Death


2 February 2014 at 14:38:19 MST

You know how it is - you train for weeks, months even, just to get that quickstart timing right. On the day of the race, you rev your engine, nail the quickstart, elbow your way out in front of the competition, and grab every item box in your path, praying for mushroom boosts. Lady Luck smiles on you, blessing you with speed boosts and sure tires and masterful skid-turns, and suddenly you're alone, ahead of the rabble and streaking for the finish line.

And then you hear it.

The screams of the racers behind you in 4th, 3rd, and 2nd place, caught unawares in the middle of the speedway.

You're out of items, and neither boosters nor item boxes lie in your path. Your only chance is to floor the accelerator, and pray.

For death on swift wings comes, and it comes for YOU.

....gaaaaaw, but I love MarioKart.

Super Sculpy clay and acrylic paints, with satin-finish varnish.
Dime provided for size reference. Yes, it is wee.

Sold at Anthrocon 2010. (But I loves it so much, I might make more.)

Blue Spiked Winged Shell of DOOM, and MarioKart, are © Nintendo

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture