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artist + photographer, lover of mountains and traveling, introverted as heckie and never here :')

if you want to keep up with my works, be sure to follow my FA or my artblog over on tumblr~! I'm loads more active there and you'll see a whole variety of stuff!!!!!

thanks for stopping by and for following loves <3 i'll try to upload some more for the people who are weasyl only.

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on 26 May 2016 at 16:46:26 MDT

yea hi it's me again!!!!
I know last time I said I was gonna try and be more active here but we all see how wonderfully that went. It's mostly due to me not remembering that weasyl is a thing and that I have an account here and that nobody else I really know uses it so ? (minus a few people who even then are hardly active here) I also said in my last journal that I was gonna do a gallery purge here and start from scratch because new beginnings are nice and all, but I'm too lazy for that fjsdfhdskjfdlfg.

So !!!!! I guess i'll just continue to upload as sporadically as I have been until I can get into a rhythm or something~! I'm mainly, at the moment, using this site as a contact place when FA goes down! Weasyl has become like dA for me where I dont post often, but I check it every day so in case people want to get a hold of me for commission purposes or whatever, they can. I'm more active on my art blog tumblr and twitter (which are located on my profile here) so if u wanna see some more stuff that most likely won't be posted here you can go look at it at those places!!

So yeh, hi all and hope those who've made the permanent move to weasyl have been faring well~!

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Flat colored, fullbody w/ minimal detailin
$ 75.00


Flat colored, waist up drawing w/ minimal detailing
$ 60.00


Flat colored, shoulder-up drawing w/ minimal detailing
$ 45.00

• Commissions are offered through journal openings only at this time!
• These are basic price outlines for what I offer the most.
• Prices are likely to increase due to character/pose/prop complexity
• Sometimes I open for commissions for things that aren't on this list, so be sure to keep an eye out on the journal openings!!!


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    cute art!!?? -followssss-

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    Thanks for the follow!

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    Thanks for following!!

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    thanks so much for the follow, qt!

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    Ahhh your art is so cute and you draw chubby furries and your foxes are so cutee! I can't handle the cuteeeeeee! ahhhhhhh

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      oh gosh thank you so much for all the kind words! ;w; I'm glad that you like what you've seen so far!! ahaha

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    Ahhh~ Adorable art. <3