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Nothing Up His Sleeve by Toughset by Jehauri

Nothing Up His Sleeve by Toughset


2 June 2015 at 22:28:11 MDT

Still another gift from the generous Zui, and I'm especially fond of this one. Nothing says magician like producing your lovely assistant from a top hat! Plus, this shows off just what a big (and handsome) guy Zui is. Placed side by side, Jehauri comes up to just past the towering jackal's stomach, and she's actually pretty tall herself. Come to think of it, male jackals are pretty huge in general in Jehauri's universe- the only other one she knows, her father, is maybe a smidge taller than even Zui. Which reminds me, I really ought to get a pic of her parents done sometime.

Oh! Art is by Toughset, who is awesome and talented and presumably good looking. Thanks!