Clothings for the occassion. by Jebaris

Clothings for the occassion.


11 January 2014 at 15:38:07 MST

This is generally how I look. I'll dress up for certain occassions, but I tend to simply go without threads when I'm at home or at a casual party. You'll never see me though without my Thor's hammer.

My hippy gear is what I tend to wear for when I'm just traveling out around the mountain near my den, or when I'm going to a gathering. My fanny pack and messenger bag are always on hand and full of trinkets and treats, as well as some herb for any group meditation sessions.

My work wear is for my job - I'm a store clerk in a major city. It's not everyday though that they hire a mostly feral furson in the metro, though, so it's a bit weird seeming to people who ain't used to it - Especially when I usually walk on all fours. For work though, I can just as easily walk on my hindpaws.

My fancy wear is for more formal occassions, though I'm not always one for prettying myself up. When I feel up for it though, I'll wear a nice dress, or skirt.

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