Paw in paw! <3 by JD Puppy

Paw in paw! <3

JD Puppy

21 March 2015 at 22:54:45 MDT

I drew this last year for   dantee for Christmas but noticed I hadn't yet uploaded it! Here was the Christmas story that went along with it! Love you wuff and can't wait to see you again soon! =3

As the wolf sleeps, the pup opens the door,
Quietly tiptoeing along the floor.
Careful not to wake the wolf slumbering,
The pup stands there beside you tail wagging.
Warmly, the pup pecks a kiss on your cheek
And says, "I can't wait to see you this week."
He starts to say more but decides, instead,
To lean down again and kiss your forehead.
He starts for the door, but then remembers
The reason was to leave that gift of yours.
He sets it down softly, then leaves the room,
Knowing you'll awaken, later or soon.
At the door, "Merry Christmas, hun," he says
Before closing the door, cheeks with blushes.
He hopes you like the gift he made for you,
A token of happiness, and thanks, too -
Just a small something. Simple piece of art,
Two canines together, signed with a heart.

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    This made my hearlt melt soooo much wow ;///;
    so romantic <333

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    This art and poem warms me to my very soul. I am a cartoonist as well as a poet, and the ability to convey deep, meaningful messages through the pure innocence of children's animation is a rare gift.