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Thief on the Run by JazziCrystol

Thief on the Run


14 July 2019 at 20:28:34 MDT

was experimenting a scene with this one but I just couldn't get anything to click. So here is Adikias after taking a few jobs in the northern thieve's guild.
still a bit of a work in progress, but this is supposed to be a bit fancier and more durable, silent, and useful than his starting attire. strengthened leather pads on his elbows, knees and heels in case of the need to get down quickly, roll, or any falls that would normally make noise and or take damage. the inside of his jacket has a few pockets for small findings, and of course his favored carrying pack; an updated satchel. ill be playing around with the design of it more, but i like the idea of it strapping around his back like this. the two pins in the strap of the satchel are his lock picks. no need to struggle to get them out / put them up.
the outfit is supposed to have a hood on it,but might make it an add-on item that he can pull out of this bag, sense he'd only need it on rainy days, or around Solax eliis. (which i cannot WAIT to tell you all more about)
thank you for reading / viewing, please feel free to leave your comments below! thanks again!!

art Shadow-Crystol 2019
and apparently my computer says the direct zoom in for this image is his groin. well... that's very odd of you computer.