Novia Origins: Prologue by Jayza

Hello, I may be a stranger to you at this very moment but you will soon know who I am.
Let me tell you a long, long story that stretches through 10’000 years of history, but before we do that I must inform you of the creation of this vast universe and its worlds to give you better insight of what it’s all like.
It all started with a being that had always existed, the First Mother Goddess, that gave birth to the empty universe and its high gods through her last, dying breath before she became one with everything through her ashes; even her own children. The gods soon gave law and order to the universe, then they created new gods; the mid gods and the low gods, the mid gods were assigned with crafting and sculpting the many different structures of the universe. The mid gods soon placed different lifeforms on different worlds, each one having its own unique shape and form. Then they created the tree of life and placed it in a hidden area of the universe so that it could provide energy and magic to the universe and to all living beings on each planet, by having smaller trees that were connected to this universal tree placed in certain areas of each habitable world. Magic portals were designed somewhere near each of these trees to allow instant transportation through some of these worlds but could only be accessed through certain means.
The low gods created the elements from the life-force and magic of the tree of life; Space, time, light, dark, earth, fire, water, air, spirit, nature, lightning, ice, sky, sand, magma, frost, storm, solar, lunar, shadow, plasma, neon, acid, poison, sound, fear, blood, aether and nether. These elements were created to help maintain balance within the universe and all life forms. The low gods had then shed their original forms to become one with the elements and took on these spirit-like forms, all in the shape of different animals and then resided themselves in the elemental crystals they had associated themselves with, awaiting the day they could inhabit the bodies of different beings to become guardians and start a cycle of elemental incarnations.
The ancestor of the dragon tribes was then brought to the world of Midgard from the realm of the gods; Lyia. An ethereal dragoness who was assigned to rule over the races of Midgard. However, she consumed a hidden fruit from Midgard’s great tree and this allowed her to travel through the other worlds so that she could draw power from the elemental crystals that were scattered across the universe as a trial to becoming a deity. When her journey was completed, she became what is considered the ‘Ultimate Elemental’ and returned to her homeworld of Midgard. She became a new goddess and was looked up to by the primitive races of Midgard as their guardian deity. However, the high gods and the mid gods soon perished after they had completed their tasks and used up all their strength, yet their spirits were collected by the only living deity, Lyia and sealed away within the crystals so that they could emerge and find new hosts one day, allowing reincarnation and for new gods to come into this world somehow.
Lyia became a new mother goddess and allowed the race of dragons to advance their civilization and such, soon becoming the first proficient users of magic, spell-casting, technology and creating complex social structures. They then gained the ability to take on a form that greatly resembled the gods, something that was built into their genes and was awoken when they finally discovered it. Lyia then mated with different dragons and each of her children inherited each element from her, and went on to produce separate bloodlines that soon created the elemental dragon tribes and the First Leaders.
Members of advanced races from other worlds mysteriously emerged from Midgard’s world portal. Some of these beings were elves, dwarves, gnomes, fairies, giants, centaurs, fairies, satyrs, faun, trolls, goblins, vampires and many others.
These strange creatures had forms that were reminiscent of the gods as well, but some took on appearances that were similar to certain animals. No one knows why they decided to travel to Midgard, but they eventually made their home and formed their own kingdoms in different parts of the world whilst dragons were the dominant race in all this. However, they had brought the elemental crystals to Midgard for an unknown reason and so they were scattered in hidden places of the world since each magical otherworldly creatures were keepers of a different crystal. Yet the dragons were the keepers of the Cosmic Crystal, one of the most powerful.

The weaker and less sentient races; humans and animals were soon a subject of studying for the dragons, their forms primitive did not have the same level of intelligence as dragons or any other race and were only just starting out. They were considered to be some kind of offspring of the gods, and humans were the ones that were made in their image. So the dragons decided to increase their intelligence and give the animals secondary forms, much like their own. Magical rituals and experiments were performed on a select number of subjects of the human and animal species. Lyia appointed her new servants, angels and demons from the distant realms to guide and watch over both man and beast so that they could grow and develop. Overtime they began to form their own social structures and tribes in a slow process of a thousand years, eventually they were fully sentient beings and each of the animal tribes lived in harmony in a large continent in these lands called the Lowlands. They also began to change form at will with their newfound ability that was implanted into their genes using a bit of dragon DNA.
However, humans made their own homeland in another part of the continent away from the tribes. Both sides had adopted ways of life that were very primitive compared to the dragon’s and most of the otherworldly races.

Lyia’s lifespan was to come to a halt many years later, because she was not an immortal deity despite the trials she had faced, as this was the will of the gods. The old yet majestic dragoness slowly turned to dust, her spirit travelling to the universal tree to become part of it and to rest easy, awaiting to become something new in another lifetime. The universe was now without a deity yet everything was at peace for the now formed Great Trinity, which consists of the dragons, angels and demons living in the higher kingdoms who became known as highlanders, the otherworldly races living within the middle kingdoms became known as midlanders and man and beast living in the lower kingdoms were now known as lowlanders.
Each race shared their cultures and resources with one another, living in almost perfect harmony with no imminent wars upon them...yet.
You think this is where it would end, but it wasn’t. This is far from over, because after years of harmony despite having no deity amongst them; rogue angels and demons descended from nowhere and were desperate since they had no master and were corrupted, having been the culprits as to why the midlanders immigrated to Midgard seeking refuge, so a male angel and female demon mated with one another in an attempt to create their own powerful messiah by combining their power. But light and dark cannot mingle, opposites do not attract well in this case as their resulting offspring was a being of pure evil and corruption and was created from a new, destructive element known as Chaos. Even though he was not godly, he became the new leader of both angels and demons but his heart was filled with the corruption of Chaos that he could not escape so he sought to resurrect Lyia as a being of Chaos somehow and would one day begin a mass invasion of Migdard.
His name was Semyark. But in spite of all this, he would have to face the first guardians of Midgard and the reincarnated forms of the gods of old to do all this.
So what happens next you might ask? Well, you will find out if you keep reading this tale. Everything that happens is quite the adventure, if I do say so myself.

Novia Origins: Prologue


28 September 2017 at 20:45:18 MDT

Here is the prologue to my series Novia. I hope everyone likes it and if I missed any mistakes, please let me know. Also I don't want to be too descriptive if that's understandable but I did my best. :)

Novia series belongs to me.

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