Wolf Queen part 2 - Cover Art by JayNaylor

Wolf Queen part 2 - Cover Art


4 January 2014 at 15:43:32 MST

The cover art for the second part of The Rise of the Wolf Queen is done. I was inspired by a very nice Mononoke painting I saw a while ago. Will likely release the comic Monday.

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    That was a great movie, you really capture it with this work.

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    Will you ever make a Characters page on your site? I have a hard time knowing who is what.

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      Who are you having a hard time with?

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        There are a lot of dogs and cats and bunnies...I cannot remember who is married or related to whom and how they know eachother. For example, I thought the Huckleberry Ann girl was the same as this Wolf Queen girl.

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          With dyed hair and bigger tits, right?

          I may use the character feature here to solidify some things. I did a family tree sketch years ago on my scraps section on FA, but you know how it is. You draw it, it becomes old, everyone forgets it, and they start asking the same questions that prompted you to draw it in the first place. Just like an FAQ.

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    The perspective seems a bit off with this. I think the snout of the fur was foreshortened too much and her face is far too wide, making her look very childish. The nose is also a tad too high and small compared to her lips and eyes. Lovely idea though!