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What's Bugging The Boxer? by Jaycee

What's Bugging The Boxer?


26 January 2014 at 17:53:48 MST

Art trade with yumiboxer!!!

I admit, I couldn't think of anything to do with this character at first, then I saw this video of a boxer discovering a caterpillar for the first time and it inspired me.

Thank you for doing the art trade Yumi, I hope my half will be fun for you too. :D

Reminder that I'm still open for further art trades and requests if anyone wants 'em!

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    Oh my god that video is so cuteand the picture just to match is even better! Boxers are lots of fun, you can even find a video of one on a trampoline!

    It's no problem! Still working on my end, it normally takes a while to turn my sketchy messes into anything presentable so thank you for being patient! :'D
    OMG! 8D

    Thank you again so much!

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      Hey, I'm glad you liked the picture!

      And it's not a problem, thank you for accepting the art trade too. Feel free to take your time on your half as well.

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        I've got a really cute idea now and have the initial sketch down, just gonna scan it and see what I can paint from it. :'D
        It's gonna be super cute!

        I hope in the end you like the idea just as much as I do hehe. ^^