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World Map - Satellite by Javanshir

World Map - Satellite


24 January 2014 at 19:48:18 MST

Playing around with my world map once again, I decided to try out depicting a "satellite image" of it. It's very painterly but from a fair distance it looks convincing, I think.

Worldbuilding is a whole lot of fun, y'all. I recommend it™

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    If you apply a sharpen filter it gets more satellite-y. And then some cloud textures to block our vision can improve the feeling. But this is really great, just from seeing the geography of a place I start imagining stories on how societies are built in function of their environment. Well done.

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      Strangely, I did not even think of making clouds... maybe if the depiction was going to end up being a globe floating in space, then something would have surely looked wrong, haha.

      That would indeed be an interesting thing to add though! It could also be a fun method of playing around with the weather systems which is something to consider when creating something like this, in my opinion.

      But alas thanks for the input! I do hope seeing a view such as this can evoke thoughts on what is within.

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      I prefer it like this, actually being able to see the landmasses without any clouds in the way.

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        Yeah, in the end it depends whether you want to make it clear or realistic. Painting has a lot to do with tricking reality into something more bearable to the viewer. x)

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    Personally I find it stressful as hell @n@ I can't get the landmasses to look how I want, and feel convincing and stuff.
    yours looks rather nice, though. I'm jelly.