Plastic Poser by JasenTamiia

Plastic Poser


16 November 2012 at 02:47:49 MST

Commission for Able01 on FA

NanoGlyph Tape is an extraordinary thing. . .

It shapes the subject to the will of the user.

In this case, a posed female plastic ballet mannequin~

Applied using standard Autotape Dispensers, the tape works its magic beneath the wrappings, transforming the underlying structure into its target form of solid plastic, along with accessories such as latex pointe shoes, stockings, and leotard~

Thanks to the advanced features of NanoGlyph RuneScript, the tape is inlaid with special Biosustaining properties.

Meaning the subject not only feels every change to their body comfortably, but can survive indefinitely long after the procedure is completed.

The process is very easily reversible, though why would you want to do that? >:3


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