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PC: Aurelia Eats Too Much Mega Mushrooms by Jaredthefox92 2019

PC: Aurelia Eats Too Much Mega Mushrooms

Jaredthefox92 2019

The peak of the mountain would darken beneath the unbelievably gargantuan red dress of the towering vixen witch as she continued to grow and grow even further. Soon Aurelia grew so large that even the beanstalk that grew onto the clouds was meager by comparison.

She could feel each and every part of her being become longer, wider, and overall more bigger by the second as she would continue to grow and grow. While Aurelia's body began to feel denser, heavier, and bulkier it was a tradeoff she would have to pay to gain such stature and power, as well as dominance over all of the Kingdom of Spagonia.

Truth be told, Aurelia didn't just purchase one of the strange yellow mushrooms at the local market, but several. While some would perhaps claim this was rather glutinous or overindulgent, very few would have the courage to gaze upwards or even have the capacity to inform that to her massive ears to hear.

As Aurelia would grow and enlarge to where the birds around her couldn't but fly around for hours without being flown around a massive see of red that was her dress, Aurelia would slowly lift up now the miniaturized size Mega Mushroom and pounder to herself.

"This 'tiny' little mushroom has allowed me to grow larger then I ever thought possible! At this size I tower over all of Spagonia!" the now giga sized vixen boomingly exclaimed to herself so loud that her very words would echo across the entire continent of Eurish.

(The requestor of this point commission wanted to remain anonymous.)

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