Fat and Jolly by jamen

Fat and Jolly


25 November 2012 at 13:34:49 MST

My shonkey (sheep+donkey) Studly that I adopted from Pepper<3

He's a huge fat dork, and I love him<33

Shonkeys belong to Pepsi o3o

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    I'm loving his exuberance. Looks like he's a fun guy to party with. Are those spots he has on his back there?

    I couldn't help but wonder... Meaning no offence, but having seen a lot of sheep and a lot of donkeys... shouldn't someone with that heritage, and named Studly to boot... be more... obvious in some areas? Just curious is all. He's in such a pose, you see...

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      Thank you! He is pretty exuberant. And he does have spots on his back, in two different colors.

      And it's not that I'm not opposed to drawing such "obvious areas," hahaha. I just wanted him to be pictured as more kid friendly and happy and innocent. If I had drawn in his "area," that would be a major focus point for some people and I wanted his face to be the main focus point.

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        I don't object <grin> it was the pose that got me thinkin'.

        I'd love to see his spots sometime, if he's finished his backrubs on the carpet. :)

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    Ahh big tummy goat. I wanna rub his belly. What a cutie. <3

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      omg thank you<333

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    Adorable <3 -rubs tummy-

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      thank you!<3 he enjoys your tummy rubs uvu

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        To not like tummy rubs would be wrong.

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    I love his little snout/teeth!

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      aw thanks! <3