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[oc] Jakadelle Corven (Card Style) by jakdacrowe

[oc] Jakadelle Corven (Card Style)


This is just fun stuff for myself.
No, this card is not usable in any actual games. lol
Yes, those stats mean something. And you can look below for a literal info dump.

Attack: 3x per 1d6 /// Health Points: 60hp /// Pace Points: 4 max
Technician Faction, Character card
= When placed on the field, all existing cards (including allies) will receive a Burn (+3 dmg per turn) until either cleansed or defeated. Removing the card back into player's hand will not remove the Burn status. This applies only on the first appearance on the field.
[Flying] - Able to attack cards in the Back Row. Ignores Shielded status and attacks directly.
[Void Whisperer] - May control 1 random Void entity on the field. (coin flip, entity will be under player's control for 1 turn)
[Godless] - May not do as commanded by their player. (coin flip, card will idle for 1 turn if failed)

= Every card recovers 1 Pace Point per turn. 1 action uses 1 Pace Point.
= During a single turn, you use as many actions as you'd like, as long as the card has PP.
= Defending (placing card sideways) will halve incoming attacks and gain 1 extra PP. Must only be done during the card's turn. Defending cards cannot attack. Switching to Defense mode costs 1 PP, returning to Action mode is free.

Jakadelle belongs to Me.
Art by Me.

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