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Colored sketches by Jagal (critique requested)

Colored sketches (critique requested)


26 August 2015 at 23:03:10 MDT

Another batch of sketches for FA@ Kojio! These were pretty fun to do - unfortunately, my scanner still hates blues, purples and...everything else...

Bigger version here:
Thank you so much again!


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    Pretty interesting!

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      Thank you!

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    Interestingly enough, these were supposed to be a birthday gift for me, but in the time between having them comissioned and my birthday (nov 1) I've removed the other person in this picture from my life due to unfortunate circumstances.

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      Oh no, I'm truly sorry about that! Kojio really wanted you to be happy on your birthday, so I did my best while drawing these... Hope everything'll turn better for you now, though. I loved your character - and that Kars' inspired pose made me remember that I always wanted to read JJBA...!