Bun in the oven (Month 1) by JadeTheZoroark

Bun in the oven (Month 1)


22 March 2015 at 18:24:12 MDT

Typical of felines, Jade was never inclined to go out for much more than food and the occasional shopping trip. Though once in a while, a "gentle" nudge from her friends can force her out of her comfort zone and into the city.

A portly jackal, plump tigress, bountiful dragoness, and pudgy wolf...quite an atypical group of people to be hanging around. But nonetheless a good time was had. The group managed to go from restaurant to bar to club without even a moment's rest. It was a bit much for Jade who wasn't used to all the excitement and activity. She waved her friends onward as she slumped into a booth at their current club destination.

It was a quiet little corner of the club, away from the loud thumps of electronic music and the drunken chatter of the other club goers. The near-silence gave Jade some time to think and relax, or so she thought as her gaze met that of a large German Shepard across from her. And simply calling him "large" would be a disservice. He was massive, looking to be almost triple her size. The Feox was captivated on the spot and, from the looks of it, the Shep definitely saw her as someone to be desired. What happened only a few short minutes later and a trip to a secluded bathroom stall would all but be a blur to her in the morning...

-A week later-

Jade woke up feeling odd, to say the least. Ever since her pleasant experience at the club, she'd noticed a bit of a change. Something felt off. Maybe it was sickness? No, couldn't be, the symptoms would have arrived much sooner than a week from then. It was like a foreign presence, she didn't feel alone anymore. Could she...be expecting? Jade's expression was one of confusion, head swimming with a whole cauldron of emotions. Her paws gently poked at her pudgy belly, already looking like she was two or three months along.

"That can't be right! I was on the pill, we used protection! I-I think..." but even as she said those words, her features softened a bit, a new rush of motherly emotions brightening her cheeks with a red flush.

"I'm going to be a mommy..."

Feels good to write again, even if I kinda just made up that whole story on the spot x3 And, GASP, Jade isn't totally fat for once! She has a bit of a potbelly from all that partying and eating, though!

So yeah! This is gonna be a sequence commission from my good friend wakapakalypse wakapakalypse It's going to be months 1, 3&5, 7, and 9 of Jade's transformation into a lovely mother. There will be a story accompanying each picture as well!

Pregnancy is something I actually love very much <3 It's a beautiful process and I'm glad Dal has the talent to put my character in this situation. Thank you so much ;u;

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