Further Than Time by Jackrow

Further Than Time


12 June 2016 at 04:12:36 MDT

Centered textI spread my wings
Its big - Impossibly so.
Not an individual, not a planet... Not a race
can ever explore it all.
But I go further
Further than civilisation can know.
A wormhole is approaching
Time is no longer...
I spread my wings.

Original Soundtrack: [ Further Than Time ] by the amazing foxamoore
Art done by me of course. =)

Time is not necessarily Linear. It has multiple paths, and their journey tells a story of their own, letting you experience them. Some of them are vicious, some of them are just friendly, but each and every one of them has a purpose to lead you on your way. Even though you don't know it yourself, you will find your own destiny through your own journey. Through Time.
Through Space.
And away we go.

I am so glad that this Theme song was composed to my fursona with a marvelous way of rendition done by the Hans Zimmer of the furry fandom. I have no idea how he managed to get the idea I was looking for in head, but somehow he was reading my mind through some sort of mysterious way of channeling, because this is exactly how Jackrow's path during his story feels like. Exactly like this. Fox Amoore can always surprise me with his music, and when it came for this theme song, I was absolutely blown away. The music tehcnically sucked me into what I thought it would be impossible to ever feel again. Each time I was listening to the soundtrack for what I was drawing the cover image, it kept me moving inside.

This is the first time I drew my coat like this, which is a recycled part of a spacesuit utilized for adventures. The spaceship behind is known by the name "Kataburan". Catharsis, and Buran's medley in one name. The Buran Reborn.


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    ah yes, this awsome piece right here =D