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High-school Biology by Jackie

High-school Biology


Things didn't really turn out how I expected them too. When I agreed to donate my body to science, I figured that would just go along with my organ doner status. Turns out being kidnapped right from my own home in the middle of the night proved that wasn't the case. To say I was 'surprised' to wake up on a table in a high school biology lab, inked for dissection, would have been the understatement of the year. Whether it was for real, or an elaborate Halloween prank, I wasn't about to find out. After hopping off the table and running for my life I can't help but wonder... When the hell did they make the jump from dead frogs to live Hyenas???

A fantastic Halloween piece I had the fortune to obtain from the talented artist Selunca. An amazing price for a fabulous piece of work! I adore her style and highly recommend anyone reading this to go check out her gallery! :3

Mature theme probably isn't needed, nudity isn't graphic though the picture itself has a somewhat mature theme. Ahh well.

Art belongs to Selunca

Character belongs to me.

Comments welcome! <3

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