The Artifact of Water by JacFox

The Artifact of Water


16 December 2013 at 06:20:26 MST

on board the Hyperion we have collected a large number of specimens, ancient artifacts of lost civilizations gathered within the confines of my ship to protect their forgotten power from falling into the wrong hands. Most artifacts found replicate specific materials. However a batch in artifact bay H-3 seems to have been corrupted to radiate and transform subjects into different living matter and fill them with whatever they replicate by just touching it. although it is a theory as of now that it was a plaything for said ancient race they have yet to be fully explored.

In this case,   dax has stumbled upon bay H-3 section 2793e and found a safety terminal with the glowing blue ball of water replication. seeing as he had grabbed the ball unknowing what it was, he seems to have been fully transformed into a latex material of himself, only to replicate water within him, growing into a wolf water balloon.

it is within our current knowledge base that our findings show that a subject will fill until there is a specific internal pressure exerted on the replicating substances that are filling their subjects.

either the subject will burst or fill until they reach limit where the maximum pressure that they can hold is reached.

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