Can't Go On by Izzyhime

Can't Go On


15 February 2013 at 14:16:21 MST

You told me that this is what you wanted. You were my everything, and I hated when you had died without me. I remember thinking of you, when I was in heaven, ceaselessly gazing at the clouds. Wishing for the end. But I was afraid of death. Ironic, isn't it? A Soul Snatcher, one who collects the souls of the dead, afraid of death? Oh, if only you could have seen me, Ameh, for I was a wreck.

But the Goddess gave me another chance. Another chance at love. I did love her, for she was like you, but in an entirely different way. I felt like I had used her for my own purposes and to manipulate her into my own wishes, but the Goddess chose her a different path. She had been following it, even without my guidance. But how could I forget about you? Everytime I was alone, I saw your face, I could close my eyes and see you sitting on a hill watching your people. Sometimes I pretended to be over you, but I never was. I could never undo our past.

Ameh, as I fly with you, as our particles continue to roam across the time, there has never been a time when you have not been with me. I had fallen, time and time again, and you saved me. Through your decendants, through you, and through your love.

I can't go on with you. So let us travel onwards, and I will leave this body and its worries behind it.

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