Puppy Lamb Love by Izzyhime

Puppy Lamb Love


15 February 2013 at 14:03:19 MST

"Hey Libra!"

At the sound of the energetic bark, the Light Pokemon rose her neck from her grazing, a smile lighting up her features. An orange furry blurr came and tackled her; not rough, but enough to knock her down.

"I missed you today, I was battling against tons of water Pokemon, you should have seen me! I really showed those stupid Tentacruel a thing or two!" Nur puffed his chest, grinning arrogantly.

Libra smiled serenly, rolling over so Nur was forced to get off of her rather taller body.

"I'm so proud of you, Nur," she responded kindly, chuckling slightly at the thought of him battling against the frightening Tentacruel and Seaking that might have come across the Growlithe.

"Did you find any Magikarp that were particularly strong?" she inquired teasingly.

Nur growled, letting his chest deflate a little at her comment.

"Very funny," he grumbled.

"Oh Nur," she murmured, lowering her neck slightly to gaze into his green eyes. "You know I will always think you are brave, no matter what."

Nur locked eyes with her own gentle brown ones, unable to feel a twinge of sadness from seeing her cracked, fractured jewel center.

"I know, Libra," he responded, trying to smile in what hopefully looked reassuring.

I just hope one day I'll be brave enough to save you when you need me....

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