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.: Free Art Raffle :. by Isuna

.: Free Art Raffle :.


A while ago I decided to try traditional art again, and it really made me feel good. But I still always go back to digital drawing, because it's so much easier and cleaner.

Anyway! I decided to declare September as my month of traditional art.

And by doing so I am setting some rules for myself.

#1 Before I do anything digital I HAVE to finish at least one traditional piece, even if it's just a sketch.
#1a By sketch I mean a real sketch.. like one would do for a sketchbook, not just circles and crosses.
#2 I will choose between pencil, watercolor, gouache and even Copics or colored pencils, depending on my whims that day.
#3 I'll do this not only with my characters, but also with yours. And that's why there's going to be a raffle. :)

You can enter the raffle here:

It'll be open until August ends here in Germany. ;) (I like my sleep so when it's 8:30 am september 1st here, I'll close the form!)

The Rules are:
1. You need to follow me on at least one of those media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Furaffinity or Deviantart.
2. You need to share the word, either via journal or retweet on Instagram, Twitter, Furaffinity or Deviantart.
2a. Keep the link, because I'd like to see it! :D
3. I need a reference picture of your character. Quality is not important. It also can be of any species or gender.
4. Please give me an email-address I can send the photo of your image to. ^.^


Keep the rules in mind!

The shown pieces are postcards, painted with Gouache.

Characters (c) by their owners

Art (c) by Isuna

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