Jadeh Feral Ref Sheet by iSinMuffin

Jadeh Feral Ref Sheet


20 February 2013 at 06:45:39 MST

May 8, 2012

Please be careful to pay attention to the sides that each color belongs on when it comes to markings and eyes. The stripes of color going down her cheeks wrap around her muzzle/chin. They are thinner at the eyes and grow wider as they go down to her chin. She is ALWAYS to be drawn with her hair! All the information on this ref sheet is mostly details for her design. So as I said, please pay attention!


So.. Ya.. Sparkle-sona.. Originally, she was going to be a breedable on my adoptables account but I started liking her too much. And so she became my sparkle-sona. I will have a regular fursona eventually and then this will be the dosage of color my fursona will lack (since I plan to have all-natural colors and markings on my fursona). She's cute, ain't she? c: Since I already made her using a line-art, I got lazy and just used all line art on this .w. Eyup..

I made an adoptable with these colors and I loved that adoptable so much. I did let it go though but I used the colors again to create Jadeh's design. They're both totally different designs so there won't be any problems with that cx It took me hours going through tons of designs and editting the design over and over and over :c Ugh it sucked >-<

-flail- I felt a feline hybrid would be suiting anyways .w. Since I'm not comfy with a full feline as a 'sona, I like making meow noises irl >-< And some feline attributes are fitting to me. So.. Feline-hybrid-thingy.. owo

Also, she'll be the mascot to my adoptables account, Muffin-Adopts. So hopefully I can get some art of her to pretty-up my adopts account. c:


Line arts used:

http://lnfection.deviantart.com/art/Scene-Kittah-Lineart-chick-193353786 © lnfection for the hair close up

http://akikoi.deviantart.com/art/Ferret-Lineart-256859041 © Akikoi (Referenced) for the mouth

http://sammiwolfofyin.deviantart.com/art/Free-Lineart-Female-wolf-215882474 © sammiwolfofyin for the eyes

http://riko-tha-fish.deviantart.com/art/Dog-Base-214583985 © riko-tha-fish for the paw pads


All other art and character/design © iSinMuffin