"We of old..." by Ishaway

"We of old..."


11 February 2014 at 12:22:08 MST

Last older work upload for awhile I promise!

So I changed my Facebook profile image thing to an image of an Andrewsarchus because I did not want a photo of me (I dont do those often) but I didn't want an image of my 'sona either. Sekhmet commented that she liked the image and that got me to thinking about her character and that character's steed/mount which is supposed to be based on an Andrewsarchus.
This started out as an image of her and her mount, but I don't actually know how close the mount is to an 'sarchus blah blah blah and this was born. First proper image of my Andrewsarchus character, who's name nor markings have completely settled in the 2 years he has been running around my head.

Since her character and mine both have extinct animal bases (are those critters) this was born. I needed a break from color for a bit so I spent an hour or so and did this was born.

I might add more color later down the road, but for now, I really like how simple it is.

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