Prelude in the Hungarian Gypsy Scale on A by Irbisgreif (critique requested)

Prelude in the Hungarian Gypsy Scale on A

Prelude in the Hungarian Gypsy Scale on A (critique requested)


23 December 2015 at 09:54:17 MST

Gypsy is the name of the scale, not the people. The people are the Roma.

A short piece I did up last night and finalized this morning.

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    Cool tune, dude!
    I tried doing something with the gypsy scale a couple months ago for some folk flavor, but my harmony knowledge is too underdeveloped to improvise with non-diatonic stuff. How do you go about it?

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      1 - I have been working through Tchaikovsky's "Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony" in order to get better at understanding harmony.
      2 - I just built up some minor harmonies and let the scale modify the resulting notes with sharps/flats as it would if I just blindly played the notes. xD The underlying harmony is so straightforward that it isn't hard for it to accept the modifications and still sound cool.

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        LOL. that's exactly the book I have lying here in my music folder for when I quit being a lazy bum.

        The thing that holds me back is the staff... I need to get a keyboard to have some non-boring way of practicing my reading. Deciphering note per note then transcribing to a piano roll consumes too much time.

        Thanks for the info, I'm saving this piece for later analysis. (:

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          I can send the orig. .myr file, or a .mid file, if those would help you.

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    This is super!