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Ty The Sheep (collab with Puca Puca) by Inktail

Ty The Sheep (collab with Puca Puca)


So lately I have been dreaming up a new character and puca-puca has been really helpfull in helping me designing him. So here he is for the first time Tyson Dye (or as his friends commonly call him "Ty") As you can see he is a fairly big sheep, though mostly due to his wool and not his weight. You see he has a condition where rather then gaining weight, he grows wool instead. The more he eats, the woollier and fluffier he gets, which means he shears on a regular basis. His wool also has another condition, where it absorbs the color from what ever he eats, which means that his wool will often be different colors at any given time, usually a solid color or a mixture of multiple colors. Further more, as a prey species he is aware their are those who wanna make a meal of him, which has lead to him developing a nervous eating habit. So should he find him self in some pred clutches, said pred may find themselves adding to this sheep's fluffy coat, decorating it wither their unique color/fur pattern.

Personality wise, he is friendly but also a bit bookish and quiet at times. He will gladly welcome someone starting a conversation with him but would never initiate it himself. He spends most of his time in his knit shop, where he sells all matter of things made from his wool, including clothes, blankets, toys, pillows, and much more. He also can be a bit piggish at times mainly due to the fact his products are made from his own wool meaning he has to produce more to keep up with the demand.

All in all he is just a big ball of fluff just trying to be creative with what he was gifts he was given in life. Hopefully we will see more of him in the future.

Sketch by puca-puca

color and ty are mine

Originally posted on 2013-06-17.

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