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Cowboy hats are all that! by Inkshadow

Cowboy hats are all that!


Commissions are closed.
Commissioned by Scar on Subeta

Hopefully commissions will be opening soon because I wanna save for a Wii U- |D

I got carried away with this one and frankly I don't even know if it's a fullbody or a detailed chibi LOL-
Kind of some weird awkward in-between, honestly. |D

But yeah, this was originally a sketch request, but the requestee really liked it and decided they wanted me to finish it for them. ;w;
Which I'm actually really glad for haha, the sketch grew on me quite a lot. :b

I've never drawn a cowboy hat before so if it /kind of/ looks like Korvan's fedora- oops! D:
Granted though, these are the colours they wanted for the hat so. uwu

I've also never drawn a red panda before, but I love them and their colours so this was a super fun opportunity! c':
I edited the original sketch a bit more to make the face more red panda-y, since it was a little off haha.
Also can we talk about how much I love fluffy tails- |D

So yeah! I'm really glad I got to work on this and.
I hope you guys like it too! ♥

Character © Scar
Artwork © Inkshadow

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