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Pythonic Privacy 9 textless + story by Inkanyamba

Pythonic Privacy 9 textless + story


22 February 2015 at 23:15:13 MST

Leisurely, the giant python lifted his nose, inclining Moka's slippery soft bed inwards, making him slide slowly but inevitably toward the snake's gullet. Slow swallowing motions brought the rabbit inside as his feet pushed uncertainly against the lubricious walls parting before him, finding no purchase. The snake's tail still wrapped around the rabbit's wrists, he stretched out, his hips squeezed inside the patient pillowy maw, his arms held by the snake above and behind his head, pressed strongly together, as if reassuring him he would not be dropped in, giving him a shred of hope to grasp for.

A low gentle voice sounded from all around him: "Don't worry little morsel, I got you. I could pull you out at a-a-any moment and then you could leave this place. Tell me, would you like to leave now?" The simple question made the fog within Moka's mind thicken, the influence of the predator's hypnosis strengthening against his instinct to escape and run for his life; even given the chance, he couldn't actually run away from here, that much he knew for certain, even if he tried he'd just come back to this place and the python would be waiting. But the burning desire to fight back and not become food was just as strong, the gently collapsing walls of flesh and the endless fall under his saliva-slathered feet awakening a burning desire to get out and run .

Between this storm of fear, instinct and hypnotic command so easily stirred by the cruel python, Moka couldn't come up with any response, his face distorting with anguish, the snake's taunting offer of freedom waning away with every moment of his snail-paced descent into the smothering darkness below, his stomach and chest now hidden from his sight in the soft warm gullet ahead.

Soon Moka's hips reached what felt like the entrance to the snake's oesophagus, he squeezing around his thighs constant and unwavering, unlike the downy grasp by the muscles further below of above and around his torso. It felt like a doorway, a point of no return after which only darkness and the endless kneading descent waited. Despite trying his hardest to not progress any further, squirming his body and pushing with his legs below, gravity worked against him; within seconds, the ring of muscles marking the real entrance into the python's body slowly accepted his hips. Suddenly, he felt his body not being pushed through the gullet, but hanging inside of it, the serpent's grasp on his wrists holding his from descending any deeper. Tears blurred what little of his vision was of use, his fingers trying desperately to grab the tail holding his life; scary as it was to grasp the snake like that, he felt it was not long before the serpent will release him to fall down and down into the endless abyss for the rest of his life.

The python repositioned his tail, evading the weakly scrambling fingers of the doomed bunny still poking out of his maw. Toying with his prey's fears and helplessness, he said quietly, knowing full well the rabbit inside of him will hear his voice: "Hold on now~ You're getting slippery, I can't keep you still for much longer", as he started to slowly shift his tail from holding rabbit's wrists to coiling around and squeezing his hands and fingers, denying the grasp which he asked of the bunny.

Slowly sliding deeper into the unknown, Moka felt the soft walls around compress his body stronger with each passing second, pulling his legs down, pushing his torso relentlessly, gently accepting his head now and pressing against his face. He felt the python's body hunger for him, mechanical motions of the oesophagus growing more restless, the snake's will to prolong the feeding losing to his instincts to swallow and consume. The tip of the serpent's tail still holding his very fingers, he gazed upward beggingly, looking with hopelessness at the tiny shred of light from the outside leaking between the folds of the voracious serpent's mouth, and between his arms locked above him.

At last, the snake's tail simply released him, freeing his sweating fingers to spread out in the warm humid air of the snake's maw, clawing uselessly at the smooth mounds surrounding him.

"Oops" ā€“ said Jajuka casually, as if he did not just swallow anyone alive, sealing his lips and closing his eyes, concentrating on the sensation of the warm trembling body sliding deeper into his throat.

Bulging his eyes in helpless terror, gazing deep into the wet nothingness enveloping him like a live blanket, Moka clawed above and pushed below in a desperate attempt to escape the massive body he was sliding deeper into. The only things his panicked struggles accomplished were widening of his path and acceleration of his descent into the pliable, humid, smothering depths.

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