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Pythonic Privacy 5 textless + story by Inkanyamba

Pythonic Privacy 5 textless + story


18 February 2015 at 22:32:39 MST

The next sensation Mokadu felt was pressure around himself, but unlike the merciless grip from earlier, this one was only restraining, going in a loop around his body, supporting his head and cradling him lying down on the ground. No, not the ground - another part of the massive scaly body was under him, denying him any footing again.

Before he could focus his vision or wonder how did he survive what felt like certain end, there was suddenly humid warmth and pressure on top of his head, as if a warm damp beanbag was lowered on top of him. A low humming noise then emanated from above and he realized that his head was now inside the giant snake's maw, the python tasting him, the thick black tongue covering the side of his face, the cavernous mouth enveloping his face. He felt the serpent's tongue curl under his chin, gently lifting his head higher and letting the scaly lime-colored lips press his face into the loop of the body around him. He tried to raise his hand shakily, still weak from the constriction of the thick coils from before, landing his fingertips on the python's lower jaw for no particular reason – the weight of the giant snake's head alone was too much to move it away and python was actively pressing his mouth forward, rendering any attempt at resistance pointless.

The python's humming halted as he used his tongue to turn the rabbit's face forward and continued his feast of flavours as he pressed his lips over the bunny's head, blocking his vision, the thick black tongue smothering his nose and mouth, denying him breath once again. His heavy body mounted Moka, provoking a fearful twitch as the great mass was lowered on his chest again, restricting his breath with the weight alone. Serpent's body, soft and relaxed for now, easily covered the rabbit's frame hiding him inside the coils again – constriction or not, Jajuka was making clear that the bunny is not going anywhere but closer to him. The savouring proceeded as the python kept enjoying the flavour of his prey, crooning over the taste of fear and the scent of the weak warm body and caressing Moka with his tongue, stroking and kneading his face over and over.

The soft interior of his maw and dampness of the tongue surrounded the rabbit's head, forbidding any breath or sight as he tried to turn to one side or another for air, his struggles only provoking more delighted murmurs from the massive python atop him and small movements of the tongue turning him back forward, forcing him to gaze into the darkness of the huge salivating maw. Bunny's limbs, still weakened and sore from the exertion earlier and ruthless constriction of the giant snake proved useless as he weakly scrambled his feet only to be pressed down by the immense burden of the python's body on his chest; shakily tried to push away the smothering kiss of the serpent only to be completely ignored, the powerful muscles under the scales staying relentless, and the massive head pressing closer still, enveloping his face in the pillowy mounds of the maw muscles, further prolonging the horrendous intimacy with the hungering predator.

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