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Pythonic Privacy 2 textless + story by Inkanyamba

Pythonic Privacy 2 textless + story


15 February 2015 at 20:35:27 MST

Jajuka was trailing him for the past minute, stealthily moving across the tree branches. The giant snake rarely encountered prey wandering into his usual hunting grounds willingly, those being located deep in the forest and unsurprisingly void of mammals, more often having to venture out and find something less slippery than a rabbit, the nature's sprinter – perhaps another predator who felt no need to hide themselves and made perfect game for the one always ranked higher on the food chain.
This rare occasion warranted guile and finesse – the limber mammal had to be subdued quickly; the python's dominance had to be displayed overwhelmingly, intimidating and freezing the preything in terror, making his limbs tremble and his mind malleable. As the first move, he stealthily lowered himself in striking position right behind the bunny and after a moment to compose his attack, the exhaled loudly to freeze his catch in fear.

A swing around the rabbit pressed the loop of the giant snake's body across his torso, preventing him from running away as his instincts were about to order him. The serpent immediately pressed the lips of his massive head into the bunny's ear and hissed clearly "S-s-submit..."

Mumbling in fear, Moka tried to move the coil in front of him with a trembling hand already half-expecting it to have no effect on the huge reptile embracing his body. Pushing the python away was as impossible as pushing back a falling tree – or a constrictor coiling his prey. On top of his useless struggle, the predator hissed into his ear: "Do not resis-s-st me...", further terrifying the bunny, making him feel more helpless still. Stumbling back, praying for something, anything, the rabbit laid his back onto a soft wall that was not there a moment ago – Jajuka's body descending from the tree blocking his only escape route.

Aiming to further distract the bunny from escape or resistance, the python leaned closer and licked the side of his face with his large salivating tongue while lowering himself from above, readying to constrict his prey. Feeling his cheek becoming slathered in warm saliva, Mokadu tried to recoil again, pressing his back into the unyielding scales behind him, trying to turn his head away from the soft thick tongue caressing his face and slickening his fur. "Let me clos-s-se" whispered the giant serpent, causing the rabbit to shake in fear harder than any scream or roar would, as the endless scalebound body started pouring down from above, quickly and quietly despite the massive weight, laying coils on Mokadu's shivering breast and shoulders, pinning his shaking arms to his chest, the mass of the python forcing stillness and submission.

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