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MHB - Aria of a Globe by InfiniteSilence

MHB - Aria of a Globe


February 29th, huh? That's not a day that exists for realsies. I mean just look at this 2019 OR 2021 calendar.

We must have fallen outside of time...

That must be why all these canceled, aborted, and otherwise discontinued posts are showing up...


I really liked the art of D.angelo when I first saw it. In fact, when I saw this pic I knew I'd have to get something from them, a fox in particular. Ori was a little too male and not yet buff enough to go in their style, so I figured I'd finally dust off an idea that had been slowly percolating for YEARS and make them be the first one to draw Aria.

The rest is history, just the way she likes it, but after the initial description this housewares wielding pile of thickness was what D.Angelo initially saw in his mind. Still definitely hot, but not quite Aria, I wouldn't think. (It continues to be funny to me that they've kind of suffered 'hyper muscle creep' and whatever reference you send them, you'll get something 50 pounds more muscular. If you send them the same reference a week later, it'll be 51 pounds more muscular. A great choice if you're after that.)

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