Microcavities by InfiniteSilence (critique requested)

Microcavities (critique requested)


9 February 2019 at 14:36:00 MST

Nebula Noodle in: A Bite of the Galactic Pie!

Spaceman Nebula Noodle, armed with his trusty omniray; has set out to find the truth behind the disappearance of galactic sector seven! With the ability to shrink suns into space dust, propel him past the speed of light, or even size him up until planets are palmable; there's nothing he can't handle when the power of science is backed by SPACE JUSTICE!

When he encounters a space beast the size of ten thousand worlds, his quick thinking kicks in and he kicks his kit over to omnify! Once he reaches sufficient scale, a simple shot of maximum minimization and the relationships will be reversed! 


What's this? The almighty omniray has failed! For the first time in his illustrious career, the power of the omni ray leaves him, his grip growing weak and his reliable companion slipping from his grip! Every ray fired at the beast merely rebounds, and it seems none too pleased by the assault! A single swipe of a planetary paw and Nebula Noodle teeters terrified on the precipice of peril!

Surrounding him in the soft pink interior, he sees them. The people of sector seven remain here, located in the gargantuan grip of the violet visitor. Some he even recognizes, members of the omni core, past villains, even an ancient space beast or two... all look at him expectantly; knowing what comes next.

The certainty in their eyes begins to shake even his own resolve as our hero wonders, "How will I get out of this one!?"

Tune in next time for... Nebula Noodle in: Gods and Foxholes!


Well, that's Noodle's story anyway. Aria's story is probably a lot less interesting; she's had worse assaults with less trouble; so while shrink ray usage merits a punitive eating, she's still probably going to forget all about this. Still, it's probably to be appreciated. Somebody paying more attention probably wouldn't let an entire civilisation set up shop in her teeth.

It's a nice place to live, really, even if the humidity is just AWFUL.

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