FE Guest Comic 2013 by inejwstine

FE Guest Comic 2013


3 April 2014 at 17:19:21 MDT

The creator of the webcomic Furry Experience held a guest comic event last year, and this was my entry!
If you're unfamiliar with the comic, you should definitely check it out: http://furryexperience.com It's a clean and entertaining slice-of-life furry comic about Dawn (the deer), Ronnie (the rabbit), and Catherine (the cat) who are roommates while attending college in Utah Valley (same place I went to college! ). Cat is a Mormon. For those not familiar with Mormon culture, there's a lot of emphasis placed on wearing modest clothing. What styles of swim-wear are considered "modest" is occasionally a subject of lively debate among Mormon youth, and it would appear that Cat is taking it perhaps a little too far, lol!
At first I tried kind of mimicking the creator's style (because I wanted the characters to look accurate) but it just wouldn't look quite right. I finally just used my own art style, and it turned out way better. Lesson learned! I am quite pleased with my first real attempt at making a comic page, and it's excellent practice for when I finally create my own, coming soon to an internet near you! Stay tuned!!
Cat, Ronnie, and Dawn are (c) ~Ellen-Natalie.
"Comic Strip" font created by Phil Elliott: http://www.elliott-design.com/font.html

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