Laila and the Girls by Indigirl

Laila and the Girls


27 May 2016 at 15:38:16 MDT

After neglecting this gallery for a while, I'm finally getting around to cross-posting some of my more recent artwork to other galleries, including this one. Here we have a spread I did back in December of my character Laila and her 3 closest friends when they were in their last year of high school together, along with some brief bios for each of them;

Olivia Duncan is a tall, slender, gay red squirrel. She and Laila have been best friends since they met in Catholic school when they were both 15. Olivia and Laila had a casual relationship throughout their high school years, but decided they would rather be best friends than romantic lovers. Years later, they don’t regret that decision, as they remain best friends and eventually found their actual romantic soul-mates in other people. Olivia is also Ruby’s first-cousin by way of Ruby’s uncle.

Laila Petersen is a British shorthair cat with a fiery streak in her. She refuses to take any kind of crap from others, and isn't afraid to speak her mind if something is bothering her. Laila's incredibly smart, with an affinity for most of the scientific disciplines, but especially biology an chemistry. She has dreams to work in the medical field when she gets older, following in the footsteps of her mother, who was a nurse for many years. When she's not studying super hard to be the best in her class, Laila enjoys a few hobbies like playing saxophone, listening to Nat King Cole records, knitting, and going out dancing.

Evie Frazier is a short, chubby brown long-eared bat who’s Ruby’s closest friend. The two of them met in ballet class together and formed a fast friendship over being the “misfits” of their group. They would usually get teased that they couldn’t possibly become good dancers; Evie because she was “too short and too fat”, and Ruby because she was “too tall”. Both claims would turn out to be way wrong, as Ruby and Evie grew to be incredible dancers.

Ruby Blackwood is a tall and muscular European hare, and Olivia’s first cousin. She’s very studious, and also athletic, equally at home on a lacrosse field as she is in a library. She met Evie, her best friend, in ballet classes, where they both enjoyed showing others just how well a “giant” and a “fatso” could dance. Ruby has a fairly close relationship with her cousin Olivia, and suggested that her cousin and her friend Laila should transfer to her school, following their expulsion from their Catholic school.

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