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Run with the dawn! by Illusion Panther (critique requested)

Run with the dawn! (critique requested)

Illusion Panther

13 January 2015 at 06:07:56 MST

Drawing inspired by a character of The Highest Bet of

Men,After a night spent drinking to sink the desperation , meet a voluble young Bird woman that offer some credits for a Nice night... on her bed
But not every night are Nice and quiet, specially if her father points against at you a gun threatening of shooting if you don' t marry his daughter

"Now you pass to the Church! as Son in Law or as a DEAD BODY"

But our Lizard is a free spirit, a naked, heavy, and still amazingly fast free spirit! After running for 3 hours, he recognize that in the universe, violences are forbidden , but his dress are far away now..

Uncensored Version at 9.90$ :V