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3D Mouse Pads - Maria by iimokookie

3D Mouse Pads - Maria


To follow up, here's Maria!~

If you want to pre-order this merchandise, you can by heading over to my Google Form to do so!~

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    try draw bakugan

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      I don't do requests, and I don't draw kids in anything of sexual nature, nor do I watch the show, so I am not about to dedicate time to drawing the monsters either...

      Please reconsider writing comments like this, it's incredibly rude to do so as it's showing the artist that their time and effort isn't appreciated since you think we'll just do whatever is asked of us... This is my job, not just a hobby, and even if it's a hobby, it's still not okay to ask for such things.
      If the artist has asked for prompts then it's a go ahead to bring up your fandoms, but doing it on their any art that doesn't have an invitation for ideas is uncalled for.

      Like, why are you here if you're not enjoying the art that's presented? So please stop harassing artists with requests :/ we have enough to deal with as is... (Also, Weasyl shows if requests are open on our profile, so take two split seconds to check if they're open, in my case, never have been.)

      So I'd kindly ask you to go elsewhere to artists who have their requests open and respect those that don't ask for requests by not commenting requests on their things, thank you.