Con*Tact Caffeine Labels by Ifus

Con*Tact Caffeine Labels


17 February 2013 at 21:44:50 MST

Soap labels I made for

Their soap is amazing! And really wakes you up. :) I use it daily!

Blue Raspberry is made and Pink Lemonade has yet to be made.

My favorites in the store are any of the dragon ones and Sparkledog :D

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    OMF CUTE! I heard tell of pink lemonade! :) such a flippin' adorable label! :D my all time fav is Plur and Absynthe Xb

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      I got the Absinthe Scent Marker! :D I need to try PLUR yet. Thank youuuu <3

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        OMFG you haven't tried Plur yet???? I tried plur before sparkledog :) the scent is very strong! as the sparkledog is a bit lighter. along similar lines. but I'm ADDICTED to plur/ Pony Energy X3 and you're welcome!

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    Nice I need to try some of this, I wish someone would sell it at conventions.

    BTW put < (http link) > if you want the link to work in your description or profile.

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      You should! It's great. And if caffeine isn't your friend, they have decaf versions of every kind! And thank you :D

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        I've never had caffeinated soap I dont know what it will do.

        And I goofed on the URL links! The way to do it is:

        [ URL ] http:/linkblahblah [ /url ] (btw remove the spaces)

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          Ohhh that's why it didn't work! :P Thank you!

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    does it actually work ? i have yet to try it during RMFC or other various fur con's

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      Yup! It won't jar you awake like energy drinks or a lot of coffee. It's a nice gentle wake up. :) It's most effective if you use it as a body soap. Washing your hands can wake you up but if you want a real good wake up in the morning, just use it in your shower.