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Savages by i-eat-dogs



24 August 2014 at 21:22:22 MDT

Run run run
For your life, lock your door and stay inside
Save yourself
If you can, 'cause your god has a heavy hand
Red blood sky
Overhead my dark side is coming so you better play dead
Deep down
We're all enraged, don't wake the beast inside it's cage

I know that you've been bad, shame on you for what you did
When will it be enough, shame on us, shame on all of us!

song: savages- theory of a deadman

I've been kinda thinking of these two guys lately and how cool they would be fighting! so I just... put them into one same story that I'm still slowly adding meat on the bone :')
overall, Vincent is probably the biggest werewolf recorded in america and on of the most dangerous since he doesnt need a full moon to turn into a beast, each time he get emotionally triggered he start to transform, poor guy! To fix the problem, an organisation trained some rare shapeshifters to take him down. Kei (that black guy bitting Vincent's shoulder, you cannot miss him haha) is one of them and is determinated to take that big woofie down :nod: even tho he seems to be kinda loosing there, he's still very young and not used to fight big targets yet sub>not to mention Vincent is actually younger... aaah poor vincent, he's such a sweet kid

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