Getting Full With Null by iconmaster

Getting Full With Null


12 October 2018 at 13:35:44 MDT

Null is the name of a mysterious entity that claims to want to fulfill the desires of anyone it crosses paths with. As soon as I looked into his eyes, he seemed to know what I wanted most. Before I knew it, I found myself somewhere I wasn't sure of... A long abandoned factory of some sort, free from prying eyes... Speaking of eyes, it was really hard to stop looking into his. He showed me a feeding hose, and I knew what me deepest desire was... To put my mouth around it.

It feels like an eternity since that fateful day. Every so often I feel myself come to for a while, and the sensations are about overwhelming. Every part of my body is weighed down on into immobility, crushed by my own mass... And the tube in my mouth is pumping more and more, yet I keep gulping... And then I look into Null's eyes, and I go under again.

Food... Need more... More... More...

This one was an Inktober piece from KobaltSilverstar KobaltSilverstar, featuring his character Null! Null is a fun one. I like him... A lot...

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