Dinner With A Growlmon by iconmaster

Dinner With A Growlmon


19 December 2016 at 14:58:59 MST

What do Dellroth and I do when we get together? We go out to eat, of course! When I suggested we try out the new restaurant in town, Dell practically jumped out of his seat... Well, he's always been a little too big for fast movements, but you know what I mean.

When we sat down at our booth, it was the usual sight; me settled next to Dell, him taking up more than half of the booth. I was used to it! However, when we both ordered our meals, something happened that I wasn't used to at all.
"Can I get a salad?" Dellroth said calmly. My Growlmon friend never ordered less than 3 plates of food! What was going on?
"You sure there?" I said.
"Very sure." He looked at me, and gave a sly grin. Little did I know then what that smile meant for me...
Soon, enough, our meals came to the table. I had ordered a very filling-sounding burger, loaded with condiments and meat. A little on the greasy side, but I had to splurge once in a while. But for Dell was... His salad.
I picked up the large, juicy thing, and brought it to my mouth... Before I saw Dell move from the corner of my eye.
"Gonna enjoy that?" I said to him, stifling a snicker.
"... Nah, I'd much prefer what you have."
I set down my burger and grinned. "Well, I need to eat, so- Aaah!"
At that moment, I felt the heavyset Growlmon grab me and lift me out of my seat. I flailed, but Dell was a surprisingly strong Digimon- He stood up slowly, and before I knew it, I was thrown onto the booth. I tried to scramble off, yelping, but he was deceptively fast! Before I knew it, I felt a huge, heavy weight on top of me- His fat rear.
"Hey! What's the big deal?"
"Do you want to see me eat my fill?"
"But- Urgh... Maybe..." I couldn't help but blush.
"Well, you'll have a great view to make sure of just that. Thanks for dinner~" Without another word, he grabbed my burger and greedily shoved it into his maw.
The burger didn't last long at all. Dell took large bite after large bite, and it was gone, filling out his stomach. I struggled under him, but it was no use. I felt the weight on me get just a tad heavier... I sighed and accepted my fate.
Soon, I could only watch in horror as Dell flagged down the waiter. "Hey, can I order some more? I'd like to get a good sample of your whole menu here..."

And order the entire menu he did. Plate after plate of food met our table, and he devoured it all like the glutton he was. I slowly felt that rear on top of me wider and grow heavier, more plush... Soon, his fat ass engulfed my entire torso, and then my neck, and then my snout...
It was getting hard to just breathe as Dell kept glutting himself. While I would have loved to taste that burger... I would be lying if I said I hated this. I always loved watching him glut and grow... And he sure was going that! So I sat there, rumbling softly as I felt that rump expand. Before he engulfed my head, I could even see his belly begin to push against the table, pushing over it and expanding even more! I was proud of him.
Waiters just kept bringing him more and more food, too. At this point, I could only flick my tail as he kept eating... After a while, I managed to pull an arm free, using it to knead that gut, of course. I heard him grunt and groan as he kept eating. I sure hope he was having fun!
I knew I wasn't going to have fun when I saw my bill for this meal. Ah well. It was all worth the wonderful dinner~

I got this from GrineX as an early Christmas present for my dear friend Dellroth, in his lovely Growlmon form! I thought this would be perfect for the two of us. I hope you like it, Delly~

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