The Prize Bird by iconmaster

The Prize Bird

Kira squinted, looking into the distance at the ruins obscured by the blowing sands. It was nearly sundown, but the sandstone pillars in the distance showed out quite noticeably, leaving her trying to make out the shapes while the light remained. Kira, a mix between a pheonix and a rokh, had journeyed with this expedition team on news of new finds in the desert- It seems some blowing sands had revealed ancient ruins of some civilization. Being a curious archeologist, she wanted to be the first on the scene.
Her expedition had packed up for the night agonizingly close to the ruins in question, stating that they would begin the investigation in the morning. Kira complained, but it was true it would take the large team time to get over there… Probably not enough time to look around without it being cold and dark out. So here she was, staring at the ruins in the distance.
She looked back at the camp, now silent as the tents were pitched… And everyone inside, unable to see what she was planning to do. She sneaked through the camp, checking to see if anyone was watching. Nobody was. Smiling, she made her way back to the outskirts, looking dead ahead at the ruins. Now was the time to investigate the ruins before sundown, she thought, as she spread her wings.
With a few powerful flaps, he lifted into the air. The desert winds were strong tonight, but it would still make her journey over to the ruins a lot faster, she figured, as she rose in the air, flying her way to the sandstone shapes before her. It was only a few minutes’ journey, the ruins quickly getting closer… Until they were under her.
She landed slowly, folding up her wings and panting from the effort. Flying against those winds were hard! But soon, she forgot about her exhaustion as he looked around her at the ruins.
Kira had seen few ruins this large in height! He gasped in wonder at the sandstone blocks and pillars before her. It was well-preserved, too; she could see some runes engraved on the pillars, and some sandstone buildings were still intact. She walked over to the closest pillar, towering far above her, looking at the writing on it. She didn’t recognize it, but it looked similar to the language of…
Her train of thought was interrupted by a swooshing noise behind her. She whipped around, eyes wide, as she looked around in the dimming light. She saw nothing, just sandstone and dunes. It must have been the wind, she thought, as she shrugged and turned back around to study the pillar.
She had almost figured out the writing’s linguistic ancestors when she heard another noise. She turned around even faster this time, catching a glimpse of something… Right before it dived into the ruins of a sandstone building. She crouched and began to sneak over to where she saw the presence… It was probably just an animal, she thought, but she had to be careful.
She peered into the darkness of the inside of the building… She saw nothing at all, just inky black. Shrugging again, she turned around and walked away… Or at least she was able to take a step.
Suddenly, she felt a strong grip wrap its way around her slim middle! She eeped and grabbed the arms gripping her. She was quickly knocked off-balance, stumbling as she was pulled into the shadows. She couldn’t see anything as she flailed, unable to shake off her captor! Kira felt a sharp pain from the top of her head, and then everything went dark.

Kira groaned as she came to, opening her eyes to see sandstone walls all around her. A torch lit the room dimly as she looked around. She was on a long, wide table of some sort, and around her were a few sets of doors… She tried to get up, but quickly discovered the ropes holding her down! They wrapped around the table, keeping her stuck to the thing nice and tight. In addition, her arms, legs and wings were tied together, leaving her helpless.
She wriggled some more, but to no use. “Hey! What’s going on!” she shouted.
And she was quickly answered by sounds of surprise. The door opened before her, revealing three anthro dragons, all of different scale colors. They were dressed in off-white robes, and looked very happy to see her awake and moving.
“Ah! Our offering is awake!” one exclaimed. Kira knew this language… It was a dialect of an ancient language in this region! But it had supposedly died out centuries ago… She had trouble parsing it, but she knew what he said next...
“Begin the preparations.” The other dragons ran off, but the speaker, red-scaled, stepped forwards. “So, this is the creature we heard of only in legends… The bird?”
Bird? Kira wasn’t just a bird! She tried to speak back, but it was hard, speaking in an unknown dialect of a dead language. “Me… Fire bird. Me… Go?”
“You... Go? You cannot leave us now. You are the perfect offering!”
Kira squirmed harder against her bonds at those words. Offering? She didn’t want to be an offering to anyone or anything!
“Our king will enjoy you… Once we make the preparations.” At those words, the other dragons rushed back into the room, each lugging heavy-looking baskets, covered in cotton cloth. They set them down in front of her and opened them up to reveal… Food, and lots of it. Fruit of all shapes and sizes lined those baskets… Some of which Kira could recognize, but some of them… Not so much.
While she was busy peering into one basket, she was caught off-guard by the dragon on the other side of her. Before Kira could react, her beak was full of juicy, sweet fruit! She gurgled in protest and attempted to push the material out of her beak, but it was forcefully pushed in by the dragon. After a small struggle, she swallowed, gasping and panting afterwards.
“The preparations involve much feasting. So feast, bird...”
She squirmed and tried to speak, but she only found her beak full of more fruit when she tried to speak. “Mrrrph!” She supposed she had no other choice but to feast… She swallowed the next bite and opened her beak once again.
She noticed the fruit was very fast to digest. As she was constantly fed more and more, she felt herself begin to expand in size. Once a skinny phoenix, she quickly found her curves becoming more curvy as she became plump off of the fruit fed to her. The ropes holding her down felt tighter as he kept going…
Time passed slowly for the gorging Kira, the hours of eating running together. The robed dragons took shifts, coming and leaving, efficiently serving the purpose of stuffing their prize bird. As Kira ate, she wondered how she was going to escape from this situation. Hopefully the expedition team would find her, wherever she was, or…
She squirmed against her bonds while eating what looked like a large, juicy pear. They felt a whole lot tighter now… She heard the material creak as she moved. It seemed they hadn’t considered the fact that she was getting larger as she ate! The plan was obvious now, she thought, as she readily took more food into her beak.
Soon, she was surprised to see them run out of fruit. She had been eating fast! She felt her now-wide frame begin to push against the bonds as she waited for her captors to return… Hopefully with more food. She noticed she was drooling slightly at the thought of more food… She was okay with that, especially when she saw them returning with more baskets! She watched as they uncovered them to reveal a heaping of bread rolls, all of different sizes.
As they pushed bread into her beak, she swallowed it down as fast as it came. Her restraints groaned as her stomach processed the carbohydrate-laden bread, making her expand, slowly covering more and more of the table in her new fat. She sputtered, however, when they began pushing bread into her beak especially hard, forcing her to slow down, lest they think she could take more than she could… It seemed they were still in full control of how much she ate. But she didn’t stop eating, not through the whole day…
Her beak was getting tired from so much chewing after so many hours. She felt like she was going to drop into a food coma any second… But she pushed herself to keep going, chowing down on the remainder of the bread they forced into her. Hey stomach and breasts felt entirely too squashed as they grew… She heard the ropes creak once more… And then she heard a snapping noise.
He restraints were reaching their limit! She struggled even harder upon hearing the noise, which was greeted with several more snaps. The dragons feeding her gasped in surprise and began to scramble. She tried to drag herself forwards… But she quickly felt tired and sleepy. This was not the time for a food coma!
She couldn’t help herself, however, as she slumped against the table, her wide body failing to respond to her. She was soon asleep.

Kira woke up with the feeling of pressure against her beak. She reflexively opened it, only to taste a spoonful of the sweetest stuff she’s ever tasted… Honey, and top-quality honey at that! She swallowed, and her eyes flew open to see what was going on.
Before her eyes was the same red-scaled dragon as before, smiling. “It is good to see our offering awake.”
As he spoke, she wiggled slightly. It seems they had replaced the broken bonds… And doubled them up, with some slack ones and some tight ones! They had outsmarted her… For now. She would have to be a true glutton to get out of this… But was that exactly what they wanted?
“You have become… Fat bird. Now become more fat bird. For our king.”
Kira gladly accepted another spoonful of sweet honey, gulping it down. That was so good, it was almost worth being tied up and fattened to be an offering… Almost. In between delicious spoonfuls, she actually had time to talk.
“Feed bird… More.” She managed to say. She was… Pretty hungry!
The dragon before her grinned. “We will.” And with that, he stepped back, letting the others begin her next feast.
They took no time at all to get more baskets and begin shoving the contents into her beak. She soon tasted a savory taste to offset the sweet from earlier- Meat! It tasted to her like something between steak and pork as he gobbled it down.
She really began to notice how much she had grown since she was awake last. She was already getting huge! She had grown to encompass most of the table’s width, her sides nearing the edges. And as whole cuts of cooked meat made their way down her gullet, she felt her stomach process that stuff, making her curves expand outwards even more. Her bonds stayed put, though… For now.
She found herself enjoying the taste of the meat, even as her predicament filled her with dread. She legitimately wanted more and more… Which was a good thing, given the robed dragons that never seemed to tire of fattening their bird for their king. And so she accepted and swallowed more and more savoury meat…
She quickly became much more than plump as she kept eating. But keep eating she did, seemingly for hours. Kira lost track of time, just focusing on the delicious flavors and the feeling of her curves growing to strain against her bonds.
After a while of nothing but eating, she heard another loud snap. Another rope had broken before her expanding body! But, to her dismay, the dragons were prepared now, quickly tying her up with another, longer rope, while they continued to stuff her. They began to look concerned, though, when they heard another snap, then another…
A lot of work was now funnelled into replacing ropes as she broke them with her girth. Her intake of food slowed slightly as this task quickly became a full-time job for one of the attendants, annoying her greatly. She wanted more!
Kira bit down hard on the meat given to her, almost taking her feeder’s hand with it. The robed dragon yelped and began to quicken his pace, trying to appease the growing phoenix. She mrrphed happily as she got more to eat. Soon, her sides were spilling over the wide table, the bit of furniture creaking under her…
Her restrains were now almost continually being replaced with how fast she grew. She also noticed they had to get thicker ropes, as well as longer ones… But she kept eating the plentiful amount of meat they fed her, soon growing even more ravenous as her body demanded more to grow.
After what felt like hours, she began feeling tired once more. But she kept going, slowly clamping down on the food and swallowing it. She heard a crack, and felt the table begin to buckle under her… And then she heard a loud crunch as the overloaded table finally collapsed beneath her girth, sending her towards the ground among a pile of splinters.
The dragons around her yelped and scattered, before running back to make sure Kira was okay. She didn’t register much of this, however, as she hey eyelids get heavy. She groaned, and quickly fell asleep.

When Kira awoke, the first thing she noticed was her sheer size. She was so fat now she could feel the walls to her sides press up against her. Her bulk took up most of the room now… And she still felt very hungry.
The next thing she noticed was that the ropes were gone. In their place were shackles for all of her limbs, large iron chains keeping her attached to the walls. She tugged lightly on them, making them clink. They were very strong! But what if…
Her thoughts were interrupted by the presence of the red dragon once more. Silently, he walked over to Kira’s bulky side, giving it a push and seeing it wobble. After a few moments, he spoke.
“You are ready. It is time to add you to the king’s feast.”
Kira thought about the situation. “Me… Still… Hungry.”
“Hmm… It would be nice to have you a bit more plump before the king. We shall feed you on your way there.” The robed dragon smiled and walked away.
Kira’s stomach growled as she waited. Not after long, however, the doors opened and in came a gaggle of dragons, wheeling around a huge slab. It took 6 of them to bring it into the room! Some of them circled around behind her and began pushing, making Kira yelp in protest. She soon figured out why- They were trying to get the slab underneath her immense body! The slab pushed under her thick breasts, under her even thicker stomach, and it was done.
Next, the dragons double-teamed the chains, and moved the connection from the wall to the slab. He struggled against them, making them yelp, but it wasn’t enough- She was chained to the slab now. She sighed as more dragons got behind her, pushing on her ample rear to wheel the slab out of the room.
Much to her delight, a dragon came up to her front as she was moving, basket in hand. He uncovered it to reveal a heaping of juicy-looking fish! As they moved forward, he walked along, shoving more food into the bird’s beak. She happily swallowed more and more of the delicious stuff.
All the while, she felt herself packing on even more pounds. The metal restrains creaked as she got heavier and wider. She was soon unable to fully fit on the cart, some of her fat dragging across the ground as she moved. The feeling was delightful- She wanted MORE.
And, as she was wheeled into the depths of this place, more she got. More baskets were fetched, and more she ate. Her bonds felt tight now, extremely tight. Just a little bit more…
Kira watched as doors opened before her, and she was wheeled into the throne room of the king. At the end of the long room was a throne, golden and huge. On that throne, and taking up most of it, was what Kira presumed to be this king she’s heard about. He was a black dragon, and a massively obese one at that. He was very tall, towering over everyone else in the room, but he was even wider! In front of him was a long table, packed with food of every sort- Many times the amount she was fed before coming here. The king was already feasting, taking huge bites out of everything, but he stopped when Kira entered the room.
The king let out a small gasp and looked at the bird in wonder. Kira noticed a clean spot at the end of the table- That was for her. With great effort, she was lifted onto the table, still on the slab.
The king spoke in a booming voice. “What is this, Speaker?”
The red dragon, who was trailing behind Kira, spoke. “This is your main course, my lord. An exotic, delicious bird!”
The king’s eyes lit up in glee. “A bird? Where did you find one? No matter, Speaker. Give it to me!”
Kira struggled anew as she heard the king talk. She didn’t have much time left… She reached her neck out to a nearby plate of bread. She just barely managed to grab one in her beak. The king ate at a faster pace now, ready to get onto the main course…
She chewed and swallowed the bread. With a gurgle, her stomach processed it. The king ate and ate, and she was getting pushed closer as the king cleared space at the table…
Her bonds felt even tighter now… Just tight enough. With a sharp struggle, a metal shackle broke with a cloud clang. Then another broke. Then another.
She got up, her curves wobbling as she righted herself for the first time in days. Her first instinct was to run away… But then her stomach growled. She was HUNGRY.
Kira looked around her. There was food, just ready for her taking. As she grabbed plates of decadent meals, she hears screaming as the various attendants to the king scattered, knowing the beast they had fattened was set loose. At the other end of the table, the king wobbled, trying to get up, but failing. He was simply too fat to move at this point.
“Guards! Anyone! Do something about this meal!” he growled… But nobody came to his aid. The bird in front of him just kept chowing down on his feast, swelling even more with fat as she demolished the table of food.
Kira kept on eating, stuffing all the plates of food into her face without stopping. She needed more! She swelled wider and wider, larger and larger, footsteps making the room shake slightly as she made her way down the table. The king growled and sloshed around, but was helpless before Kira’s slow, inevitable advance to his side of the table.
It was clear that she was now the one who was going to have this whole feast. She scooped up a handful of plates in her arms and funneled them right into her beak, mrrrphing in pleasure as she felt them hit her stomach, quickly being converted into more of her supple curves. She continued to gorge herself, while the king’s expression went from angry to scared…
There was everything at the king’s table. Meat, bread, fruits, nuts, and stuff even she couldn’t recognize went down her gullet without question. She felt herself press against the ceiling as she continued forwards, growing wider all the while. Her sides sagged over the table as she kept going, quickly becoming the largest thing in the room, larger than the voluminous king himself. But she kept going, even as the food left on the table dwindled…
She felt her sides push against the walls as she grabbed the last few plates, containing the half-eaten meals the king was eating before her escape. The king wasn’t eating any more, after all- He was too busy looking at the bird in front of him and trembling.
“I am… The king...” he stammered. “You can’t do this!”
Kira let out a loud burp, right in the immobile king’s face. “I… Eat king.” she said, her stomach growling.
“No! You can’t eat the k-”
His words were cut short by a beak clamping down on his muzzle, reducing his words to muffled mmmmphs. Kira greedily swallowed, feeling the king’s head fill out her beak. She gripped the king’s flabby sides with her hands and squeezed, getting a firm grip on the fat ruler. His neck rolls proved to be the first wide point on the king, which Kira stretched her beak wider and wider to accommodate.
Kira pushed the king right into her gullet, swallowing all the while. The king’s arms, swaddled in fat and hardly usable, flailed as he struggled in the wide bird’s grip, but it was no use. She pushed them to his sides and swallowed, bringing inch by inch of the king into her. Kira savoured her meal, feeling the king struggle to even move as she ate him whole.
With each gulp, another inch of the king’s flab squished into her beak. His middle was the hardest part, being as wide as it was, but she had all the time in the world to consume the king. She swallowed, gripping the king by the rear now, pushing him into her beak with glutinous intent.
Soon, only the fat, bloated tail of the king was left. Kira sucked it down like a long noodle, savoring every inch of fattened, regal flesh. And with that, she gave one last gulp, and the king was gone, digesting in her stretched belly.
She groaned and leaned back as she began to process the fat dragon. She felt herself swell and grow even more, soon touching all 4 walls of the throne room. The walls around her cracked and groaned as her weight and size skyrocketed…
Kira figured she was queen now. And as queen, her first action was going to be eating up the rest of this civilization… It’s only what they deserved, she thought, as she got up and burst out of the throne room, lumbering towards the fleeing dragons in her wake.

All the while, the expedition Kira left behind was left in shock. They had gone over to the ruins, looking for her… But she was gone.
After a few days of searching with no luck, they heard a low rumble under them. Within minutes, the rumbling became pronounced, and sand began to shift around them. Many members began to flee in panic… But soon the cause was revealed.
The sand slowly parted to reveal a giant, fat pheonix-rohk hybrid, pushing her way out of the sands. Bits of sandstone, left from an underground place, fell off of her as she got up. She was huge, both in height and curvature!
They had found Kira. But Kira only looked at the tiny expedition members below her in hunger. She scooped them up in one talon and stuffed them into her beak. With a single swallow, they all were gone, joining the hundreds of dragons in her stomach.
Her stomach growled still as she made her way out of the ruins. First, this civilization was eaten… She figured a few more civilizations in her gut wouldn’t hurt. She was certainly a prize bird now, she thought, as she lumbered off in search for more food.

The Prize Bird


5 December 2016 at 16:46:11 MST

In this story, Kira is a bird on an expedition to some ancient ruins, in search of the remains of an old civilization. As it turns out, this civilization is by no means dead... And they plan on making her a stuffed bird for their king's feast! Will Kira escape, or is she going to be a royal meal?

This is a story commission for Kewney. Hope you enjoy, and be on the lookout for more story commissions soon!

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