Always There by Hyprole

Always There


21 October 2014 at 16:07:23 MDT

I've been doodling this thing a lot recently. Been pondering on what's going to happen to Soul, whether it would show up in a tiny section of the overall story or if I should go full blown weird (or whatever the appropriate word would be) in this little alternate universe I've created and develop its character into a sort-of-but-not-really god and then give it a larger role to play.

I think it's always had a kind of omnipresence about it and when I originally came up with this story-verse Soul wasn't tethered to Earth like what it currently is. I'm considering changing that. Heck even as I type this I'm getting new ideas.

Here's an interesting question for you guys... what do you reckon would happen if a sentient computer virus tried to infect a computer running another sentient program/operating system?

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    It looks amazing, and as fir the computers, I'd say it'd be like a human trying to control another human, and it wouldn't work out without a death of one or the other.

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      Thanks :3 Actually I think it would depend on the situation... if I had to equate it in human terms maybe it would be like (for Soul at least) it would be like exploring a seemingly derelict building and finding that someone's already living there and has made a home- it's pretty inexperienced and would probably get the equivalent of a shock on discovering a mind that can directly see/sense it. And then it would just become obsessively fascinated by it, or terrified depending on how it's intrusion was dealt with. In Soul's case though it almost strictly observes other sentient creatures so it probably wouldn't try to take control unless it had to.

      Regardless the AI would probably find Soul annoying. Like some kid constantly asking 'why?' or a like an insect crawling over skin.

      Initially I was thinking something akin to demonic possession - assuming the virus was aggressive like that. Or even the machine the AI is controlling develops multiple personalities. Maybe, depending on the situation, the virus and the AI would either merge together to form something new - that might spread, or might not. Or cancel each other out and destroy each other.

      It's kinda fun thinking what could happen. :)

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        True, and that's what makes sci fi so awesome.