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Jay Sawyer's Abando 2014 Badge by HweiChow (critique requested)

Jay Sawyer's Abando 2014 Badge (critique requested)


25 February 2014 at 17:45:31 MST

A badge for Jay Sawyer to use in Abando ( that will start next Saturday (March, 1st 2014). This year's theme is Feudal Japan, and the badge represent something he likes to do in that age.

Made in wood using Copic markers and collage with origami paper in Okinawa kimikiri style.

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    I really really love these wood pieces with origami. The mixed media approach to something as simply done as a badge shows a certain love for your craft. As an artist I'm a bit of a sucker for texture, and working straight on wood doesn't get more textured. The papers you use for textures make for an authentic and beautiful variation of shapes and lines. But you take it just a little further and show your understanding of the folds of the kimono with the lightly drawn shadows on the overlay paper.

    I'm maybe a little iffy on those clouds in the back. They seem like they wanted to look a little more graphic and elegant like the pattern on the kimono.

    Now please please please don't let me get started on the style used in the piece. I don't really want to critique it because it has little bearing on the actual piece other than personal preference, and I can tell you know what you are doing with the facial structure and hands and what-not. What I want to say though is that this overall look in the anthropomorphization (Is not a word but please bear with me) is something I have not seen someone doing in years. I don't know if it was done on purpose with the Japanese theme, but it reminds me of old old cartoon works like Miyazaki's Sherlock Hound. It's an approach I'd like to see more people adhere to, and it's something I'd love to see become more popular in fiction in the coming years.

    Anyway, these are really beautiful, and I would be totes honored to wear one of these at a con. Please keep it up!

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      Thanks a lot, from the deep of my heart for your comment.
      I have to admit this is not the best piece of the set and the clouds don't came out as I wanted (don't had where test the markers), but still liking the result...
      Again, thanks a lot for your comment. It means a lot to me! ^_^

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        No problem! The great thing about when a piece has it's problems is that it's always something to improve on the next time you take a crack at it!